1. Amagi Briiliant Park Characters name

    Seiya Kanie = Seiya (West) + Kanye = Kanye West
    Isuzu Sento = Isuzu (いすず) 50 bells + Cent (Sento) = 50 Cent
    Latifah Fullanza = Queen Latifa
    Takaya Kurisu = Chris Tucker
    Aisu Kyuubu = Ice Cube


  3. Kanie sounds similiar to Kanye (the rapper). Seiya (西也) is written with the kanji for west, so Seiya Kanie is literally Kanye West.

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    You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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    Welcome back

    Watanabe called, he says this is the actual ending but he got lazy yes

    This is how i deal with tragedies, by ignoring reality and making my own because i’m a wet paper towel hahah

    you may be thinking, wow this is a really cheesy disney ending, and you are absolutely right, i’m a cheesy person hello (_´ω`)I’m not good at the manga thing i’m sorry this looks awful but i just wanted to get this out quickly before i’m too busy to do it, i hope it helps mend some broken hearts like mine out there (´;ω;`)

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